Through the kindness of my good friend, Dick Hamp, I was able to scan several pieces of his collection of advertisements to post here for your viewing. These ads came from various magazines and publications from the early 20th century, aimed at the rural farms and homesteads of the day.

Rider-Ericsson Hot-Air engine

1907 Rider-Ericsson Hot-Air engine in the 'Review of Reviews' (119k) .

Elgin "Hafa-Hors"

1919 Elgin "Hafa-Hors" ad from 'Popular Mechanics' (111k)

Fairbanks-Morse model "Z", style "A"

1920 Fairbanks-Morse model "Z", style "A" from the 'Farm Journal' (264k)


1922 Ottawa from the 'Farm Journal' (216k)

John Deere

1926 John Deere ad from the 'Breeder's Gazette' (154k)

Fairbanks-Morse model "Z", style "D"

1929 Fairbanks-Morse model "Z", style "D" (237k)


1930 Maytag ad from the 'Country Home' magazine (203k)

Motsinger Auto-Sparker

Circa 1903 Motsinger Auto-Sparker ad from the 'Scribner's Magazine' (104k)


Circa 1910 Rockford (119k)


Undated McCormick-Deering (157k)