Owning a Dirt Bike: What to Consider

For those who intend to have a weekend out or enjoying their holiday, purchasing and trying out a dirt bike can be an exhilarating experience. A leading motorsport center in Salt Lake City, Utah advises that the best option varies from person to person. They posit that it is possible for children and adults to own and enjoy dirt bikes, be they pre-owned or new. But this will depend on the following issues.

Buying the Bike: What to Look out for

The most important thing for you to consider is that you sit comfortably on your bike. That is so that you don’t strain your lower back. Still, you want to consider how secure you are in case the bike skids and you fall. That means that you are not going after the size of the bike first, but one that is a perfect fit for you.

How Tall are You?

Your height is also a critical factor to consider when purchasing dirt bikes. You can tell this by sitting on your bike and seeing whether you can comfortably step down; if you can, then this bike is a little smaller for you. On the other hand, if you cannot touch the ground with your toes, then that bike is too tall for you. You also can test that by trying to stand on your bike to see whether you can stand comfortably. All these checks are a precaution in case you hit a bump on the road or skid and want to stabilize the bike.

How Heavy are You?

man weaving through dirt as he rides his bike

For a beginner rider who is over 100 pounds, it is advisable that they start their learning with a sizeable bike. But often, people learn faster when using smaller bikes; however, in the long run, working with a sizeable bike allows its suspension to handle your weight well enough. A 250cc bike is a good fit for those that are at most 150 pounds, while those who are heavier can consider one that is 250cc to 450cc. High powered bikes of 250cc and above are best suited for the experienced rider. The bike’s suspension is always tailored to a particular weight and for comfort on the trail. Choose one that is within your range.

How Experienced are You?

Age is a significant factor in choosing the engine power of dirt bikes. For a rider who is ten years and below and not more than five feet tall, handling a bike with more than 110cc is going to be a challenge. For these youngsters, they have the option of riding one without a clutch system, but for first-time adult riders, it is best if you ride a bike that is less than 250cc until you have had enough experience. For the teenager who is 15 years and older, riding a clutch system bike should be the focus.

As a novice, you will want to steer clear of purchasing a high-powered bike until you are comfortable and experienced enough. Avoiding accidents is possible when you are tall enough for the bikes you are using. But also consider the safety standards that the bike, be it pre-owned or new, will offer, recommends a Salt Lake City-based motorsport center.

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