The Mery Explosive Engine Kit Project - Phase 2

Close up of the Crosshead and Stuffing Box in the Body.

Finalizing the Main Bearings.

How the new Crankshaft and Main Bearings look.

Now the Flywheel can be machined.

The Belt Pulley can be done, too.

The first operation on the Connecting Rod; turning the center down.

The tapered center section done, the ends prepped.

Cutting the external radius on the Crosshead end.

The completed Rod minus the bushing.

The start of the Rod Boxing: two halves of bronze soldered together.

Once cut to size and shape, the bearing surface is bored.

Finally, the thrust surfaces are relieved.

Now all the parts come together, complete with new rod bolts and nuts.

A view of the completed 'bottom end'.

The engine at this stage, left view.

Current right view.

The beginnings of the Eccentrics hubs.

Turning the offset diameter of an Eccentric hub.

The two completed hubs and the holding fixtures used to machine them.

The finished hubs and bands along with the miniature hardware.

Putting the final touches on the Eccentric bands.

The completed Eccentrics ready for drilling the set screw holes.

The raw Exhaust Chambers, separated, ready to machine.

One of the many mill operations required to finish the Exhaust Chambers.

The Explosion Chambers, raw, still attached to each other.

Before and after machining shots of the Explosion Chambers.

Inside view of an Explosion Chamber ready for the ports to be drilled and Valve Guide pressed in.

View of the Explosion Chambers on the Cylinder. The small pipe fittings were originally water connections.

At this point with over 244 machine hours invested.